Thursday, May 21, 2009

INSANITY! New Beachbody program

Well I finally received my Insanity Sneak Preview workout with the Tony Horton One on One Series yesterday. I did the workout yesterday, let me just say that INSANITY is everything it's advertised to be! That was INTENSE! The workout is called Plyometric Cardio, 41 min but it's foot on the gas, no stopping, butt kicking workout. I wore my Polar F6 HR monitor just to see what where I'd end up.

Max HR: 216. (Not sustained but I'm sure the spikes during the workout would have generated a HR like that)
Calories burned: 582
Ave. HR: 148

The warmup is 10 min and it's no little jog, it was balls to the wall and THEN you get a few minutes to stretch.

I would not recommend this program for everyone, simply put this program is for someone who's already fit, i.e., someone who's maybe done P90X a couple times. I'm looking forward the getting the full program once it's released in June of this year.

Now, I've got to get recovered for the Fit Club P90X Plyometric workout scheduled for tonight.

Bring It!

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Jay Garbarino said...

Better fuel up buddy, Your due to burn at least another 600 Calories. So Bring IT tonight, but we will understand if no records are broken.

Brad Eickman / Bratler said...

Yeah man, we'll see. The juices get flowing and one thing leads to another...Double-Jump challenge will happen I'm sure.

Annie said...

Oh man! I'm so excited for Insanity but a little worried that I can't hang. Better up my intensity NOW so maybe I'll be ready to start it in August (that's when I finish P90X).

Brad Eickman / Bratler said...

No doubt about it, INSANITY is advanced. I truly believe that if you're not already really fit you'll struggle at first. There are so many explosive moves that it's not simply a matter of being in running shape. It's kind of like doing IntervalX at the top level the entire workout with little 30 sec. breaks, barely enough to sip some water and wipe the sweat off.

Demi Eliese said...

Dang it..I haven't gotten mine yet..and I do the whole one on one jazz. ::getting impatient:: I want to do it too!

Anonymous said...


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