Wednesday, May 27, 2009

INSANITY Intervals Plus

Last night I did a hybrid workout put together by one of my Beachbody friends. It's a monster, give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Insanity Intervals Plus

Guess what? I’ve got another equipment free workout to share with all of you! This one came to me from my good friend, Derek Heikes (PhoenixHawk on the Team Beachbody message boards). For those of you that know Derek, you know how much of a cardio MACHINE this guy is! He sent this over to me for my opinion, and let me tell you, Beachbody needs to make this one into a video!!

Derek combined P90X+ Intervals with some of the moves from the new Insanity Plyometric Cardio circuit. The offspring it created was this twisted beast of calorie burning beauty! Keep a bucket close-by, because this one is off the charts! All you need is a stop watch, some water to sip on, and oh yeah, did I mention the bucket?!

Give this one a try and then I would LOVE some feedback - and Derek, thanks for sharing this one Brother! Let the good times roll!

**NOTE - This is an ADVANCED level workout! Please modify and adjust as needed if you attempt this one!**

I ran through this workout today (05/23/09) immediately after posting it - my Max Heart Rate (MHR) was 185, and my Average Heart Rate (AHR) for the workout was 173 - that’s for a 38 minute duration. Please be sure that add in a thorough warmup, as well as a good cool-down and stretch at the end. With all included, you should get through this one in about 50 minutes.


The workout is divided into 5 sets of 4 moves. You do each set, all the way through, all 4 moves, first time at beginning intensity (running in place would be a jog.) Take a 30 second break, then do it again, the second time through at medium intensity (running is now a run). Take another 30 second break, then do that set the last time through at full out, push to your MAXIMUM intensity (running is now a sprint).

Each move in a set is done for 30 seconds, so a full set is 2 minutes long. Again you do each set all the way through (2 minutes), take a 30 second break, do the set again (another 2 minutes non stop), take your 30 second break, then the last time through is 2 minutes of break neck cardio. After you’ve done a set 3 times, move to the next set.


Set 1:

Run in place

Butt Kicks (running knees down feet up, kicking like you’re kicking yourself in the butt)

High Knees (run in place with knees high up to hip level)

Mummy Kicks (these are hard to describe.. run in place on the balls of your feet with your legs straight, so they move slightly in front of you. At the same time you have your hands straight out from your shoulders, doing scissor motions back and forth so your hands cross on top of each other, alternating one on top then the other… In the Insanity trailer on youtube that’s 3:15 seconds, it shows people doing this at the :34 second mark)

Set 2
Squat Jacks (Sumo Chair from X+. Start in Chair with hands up, jump out to wide feet and hands swing down in outward arcs to touch the floor. Immediately bounce back up to the chair position in a jumping jack type move)

Charleston kicks - From a lunge, back foot skips up to the front foot, and the front foot does a front kick, then steps back to where it started and the other foot steps back to a lunge. Second and third intensity the opposite hand from your front foot touches the floor. Do 15 seconds per leg in each set)

Side Lunge Side Kicks - just like the side kicks are done in KenpoX. Start slow, then up the speed and height for second and third intensity levels. Again 15 seconds per leg per set.

Squat Kicks - squat and alternate front kicks with each squat. First kicks, low. Next, medium height, Third, High Kicks

Set 3:
Speed Skaters - step/jump from side to side in a crouch like you’re skating, arms swinging with each move. Jump further and faster for higher intensity levels.

Tires or Wacky Jacks - Running in place with wide feet and high knees like tires from PlyoX, or Tires/wacky Jacks from P90 Masters or Plyo Legs.

Plank Run - in plank position, hands stay in place and legs run.

80/20 speed squats - just like from Plyo X. Second set is all jumps, third set hands touch the ground on each move. Again 15 seconds per leg.

Set 4:

Jumping Jacks

Mountain Climbers - run in place with high knees. As a knee comes up, the same hand reaches up like grabbing a high branch, and pulls down as the knee comes down, the other knee/hand going up at the same time (imagine being on a versa-climber if you’ve ever seen one).

Plyo Lunge - Mary Katherines from PlyoX. Start by going slow in the first set, second time is a slight skip, third time is non-stop plyo switching.

Carlito 3 way push ups - start standing up, then drop into a push up position (plank). Jump feet back to hands and stand back up, hands go up over your head then back down and repeat. Second intensity level you do a push up every time you hit the plank position. Third intensity you jump every time you come up.

Set 5:

Heismans - Like in PlyoX but no hold in place. Constant movement back and forth. At the third intensity level you should be going as fast as you can.

1-2-3’s - Heismans, with a double step in the middle like in Plyo X but much faster.

Side to Side - short shuttle run, 3 or 4 steps to each side and touch the ground. Run back the other way and touch the ground with the other hand.

Insanity Drills - Drop into a plank position, do 4 push ups, then 8 plank runs. Jump feet to your hands and stand up, hands up, then drop and repeat. Increase the speed for intensity in the 2nd/3rd round.

I've done the INSANITY Plyometric Cardio Preview workout and now this one and have to say that in both cases I was completely gassed at the end, however INSANITY was harder overall. I'll still work this one into the cardio rotation especially when I'm traveling.

Enjoy...if you can...

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