Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Core Synergistics, "Till my daddy takes my T-Bird away!"

P90X Core Synergistics in the books. That was a lot harder then expected, but that's probably because I did P90X Chest & Back yesterday and my chest and triceps are fricking SORE!
I have to say that if you're on the fence about P90X as a program, or if it works believe me, it's worth the investment. You'll be hard pressed to find a better all around balanced program for overall fitness. When you see, belive it! The simple fact is that if you do the program as defined and you follow the nutrition as outlined as close as possible, you're gonig to have fantastic results!
I'm tired...need some Recovery Drink....
Keep Pushing Play! It's Simple, Just Not Easy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Maximize your time

If you're anything like me you've got a very busy schedule with work and domestic duties, the one thing that can become really easy is the dreaded excuse of, "I can't workout because, (insert lame excuse here.)
I'm not saying there aren't valid reasons for missing a workout, you know things like a death in the family, loss of limb, or bubonic plague. however if you're looking for results with your hard work you have to make time for yourself and prioritize your workouts.

Tonight is a perfect example of maximizing your time. My son has soccer practice twice a week from 6 to 7:30PM, prime dinner hour and or workout time. But since my wife takes our daughter to her soccer practice at the same time, that window of opportunity is closed, or so one might think.
Like "Gunny Highway" would say in the movie "Heartbreak Ridge", "We're marines, we over come, we adapt!" In this case, "We're P90Xers we overcome we adapt!"
So I've taken the same approach, I adapt my workouts to fit my environment and schedule. I take my resistance bands or Power Blocks, power stands, a towel, workout mat, P90X Recovery Drink, and a P90X attitude to the park with me and I do my workouts.
You've got to be a bit of a show off, but as my mother will tell you, I've never been short on bravado. But honestly, getting out in the sun and heat in a park doing Chest & Back will give you that feeling of ultimate accomplishment. You've not only succeeded in completing a great workout but you overcame the challenge of time. Plus you'll find people looking at you're crazy and or ask you what you're doing. And for a Team Beachbody Coach that's what it's all about.
Leading by example and showing others around you that it can be done, no excuses. If you think about it, it's easy to sit on a lawn chair sipping a soda or adult beverage for an hour and a half while your kids play soccer, and it's hard work to "Push Play"!
There's one more thing this does, I'm setting an example for my family that staying fit and healthy is important, even if it looks a little crazy doing, "dive bomber push ups" by the kids play set.

It's Simple, Just Not Easy!

Non-Profit Organizations will have a tough time this year.

There's an interesting post from the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler titled "Tough Times, Turn to Charity" today that's right in our wheel house. As a Beachbody coach one of our goals is to help people lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, one way we do this is by working with non profit organizations.

This is a great read.

Site Update

Well in an effort to keep this site focused on excercise, health, & nutrition and not make it too much about me and my family, I created a family blog site linked to the right under Favorite Blog Sites. Brad & Suzette's Family Blog you're more then welcome to check it out.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy day today with a round of golf in the morning, good front 9, shot a 39 and then made the turn and crashed and burned with a 47!!! I think I had more doubles on the back then I had holes played. Is that possible? Sure felt like it.

Monday is the start of Week 8, for this round of P90X+. The workout is Chest and Back, P90X+ is so different then P90X in that the workouts are more circuit training like for resistance and you're doing reps to time instead of max reps. The intensity level is a lot higher as Tony moves quickly through the program. There's barely enough time to write down your numbers. And unlie P90X there is no recovery week.

I'll post my nutrition for today just to give you an example of a typical day for me.

Breakfast, 1cup oatmeal w/1 scoop protein powder
Snack #1, P90X Bar, banana
Snack#2, P90X Bar
Lunch, tuna sandwich on WW
Snack #3, Shakeology chocolate w/1 scoop protein
Dinner, 6 oz filet tenderloin, asparagas, 1/2 cup brown rice. Dats good eatin...

Monday is right around the corner, looking forward to doing Chest & Back, haven't done that one in a long time.

$1,000 WOWY Day

Quick reminder for those playing the WOWY game, today is the $1,000 WOWY day...get your workout logged in the Beachbody super gym for a chance to win!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Try not to ever bag a workout...

Well, that was harder then I thought, P90X+ Total Body Plus. I was delaying the workout as if for some reason I would bag it...Right. I've not done that since starting the incredible journey over 18 months ago. I know that sounds nuts but it's 100% true. I don't blow my workouts off.

Why? Because their MINE! One thing you have to learn is to be selfish with your workouts. Make excuses to do your workouts instead of excuses not to. It's hard for people to do that, especially parents as they have that feeling of not wanting to spend time on themselves. But in this case being selfish is more about giving to your family than it is to yourself. Giving your family YOUR HEALTH is a special gift.

Wow...that was a bit deep for a Saturday night don't you think?

Something to ponder when you're sitting on your couch and the day is slipping away from you and you've not done your workout. Just Push Play. It's Simple, Just Not Easy!

One of my all time favorite movies....

It's getting late and I'm delaying my workout. I've got Total Body Plus to do yet. That's a killer workout! I came accross this on YouTube and couldn't help myself. Sorry for the foul language, hope I don't offend anyone.

Be careful...Adult Language included....

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