Sunday, November 23, 2008

Round 6 P90X!.

Thought I'd announce that I've started my 6th round of P90X, just loving it like always! I've got everyone's favorite workout tonight, YogaX. Since we're traveling to Kauai for Thanksgiving tomorrow I'll be taking tomorrow as my rest day and then doing Legs and Back w/ARX on Tuesday and finishing the week off with P90 Fat Burning Express. I struggle with Kenpo X as it messes with my knees so I've replaced it with P90FBE.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Shoulders & Arms

I'm finishing this 5th round of the P90X doing the Classic rotation, phase 1. After doing P90X+ for 3 months you really find out how different the two programs are. I'm sore, not sore like I was when I first started the program over a year ago but SORE!

Shoulders & Arms is the glamour muscles, so I'm a big fan of the workout! I've got me numbers from the workout but forgot to bring them with me to work so I'll have to post them a bit later.

As a change of pace and as a way to get my wife back into a workout routine, I'm looking forward to the new ChaLEAN Extreme program scheduled to be coming out later in December, just in time for the holidays!

For some reason, I'm thinking I'm going to like working out with ChaLEAN. :) I'm a big fan of very fit, hot blondes so it's a win win.

Okay, call me a pig....OINK!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

P90X Ab Ripper X

Wow, now that was a kick in the pecks! I did P90X Chest and Back for the first time in a couple months. With doing P90X+ over the past 3 months I've not done many of the the Classic P90X workouts. Today I thought I'd finish this week off with the round 1 resistance rotation. That's old school right there, just push and pull. No fancy hand positions, or crazy moves, just plain old weight lifting 101!

I topped the workout off with Ab Ripper X. Again, having not done ARX in a couple months, totally wrecked, I made it through but I felt it. I'm looking forward to finishing this week up and taking a week off before hitting Round 6.

For you numbers people, here's what mine looked like for tonight's workout;

Standard Pushups: 50/38
Wide Front Pullups: 14/14
Military Pushups: 30/28
Reverse Grip Pullups: 12/12
Wide Fly Pushups: 30/25
Closed Grip Pullups: 12/11
Decline Pushups: 30/20
Heavy Pants: 60lbs for 10/ 70lbs for 8
Diamond Pushups: 27/20
Lawnmowers: 90lbs for 10/ 90lbs for 10
Dive-Bomber Pushups: 17/12
Back Flys: 50lbs for 12/ 50lbs for 12

Not bad, pullups are good considering I'm about 180lbs now as opposed to the 168 I was at the end of round 1, still hanging in there around 8% body fat.

I'm going to be working on cutting down just a bit for the Beachbody Million Dollar Body Game end of year event I'm eligible for the $250k, we'll see how it all goes.